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The Pickle Business: Minimize

My grandfather sold pickles out of a barrel at his store (“Fox Produce and Grocer”) in downtown Fort Worth, almost 100 years ago.  I often think I, too, am in the pickle business: people ordinarily seek legal services only when they are in a pickle!  Please think about the need for a lawyer before you are in a pickle.  How can I lawsuit-proof my business?  How can I be protected from personal liability?  Am I about to “be in a pickle?”


Call me for legal consultation before things go "sour" for you or your business.

You need legal assistance if you are... Minimize

  • Starting a business in Texas?  Buying or selling a business in Texas?
  • In a dispute with your co-owner or partner about business operations, or about dissolving your business?
  • In need of help with a consumer related dispute?
  • Interested in finding protection from personal liabilty from your business operations?
  • Feeling cheated... or lied to...and want to sue?
  • Wondering what to do because you do not have a written contract.
  • Not paid in full even though you did all the work.
  • The purchaser of a 'product' that just never worked properly.
  • Served with a law suit.
  • ......and more

W elcome to The Law Offices of Norton Rosenthal.
Lawsuit-Proofing Your Business Minimize

You cannot stop someone from suing you or your business.  But, you can take measures to avoid a lawsuit and or to lessen the effect of a lawsuit on you or your business. 

The Anatomy of a Lawsuit Minimize

Do not under any circumstances ignore a lawsuit that is served on you or your business.   Learn more about what happens in a lawsuit.

My practice serves Dallas County, Collin County, Tarrant County and Denton County, which includes the cities of Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Frisco, Sherman, McKinney, Fort Worth and Arlington.   My office is located in downtown Dallas, near the Dallas Courthouses; my home is located halfway between the Dallas Courthouse and the Collin County Courthouse.
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